Xcelerate Verification Agency is BBBEE Level 1 and is a 100% Black women owned business

Vash Singh holds a BSc. Engineering (Chemical) from the University of Natal, a MSc. Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick (UK) and a MDP on BBBEE from UNISA. She has served in progressive technical and management positions at Sasol, Eskom and Standard Bank. She is the founder and Managing Director of SANAS accredited BBBEE rating agency, Xcelerate Verification Agency, (formerly Izikhulu BEE Ratings). Xcelerate is a level 1 BBBEE contributor, servicing thousands of clients nationally since 2007. Vash has been nominated for the prestigious Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) award for Businesswoman of the Year, a finalist for the Regional Businesswomen’s Association Awards Entrepreneur of the Year, and finalist in KZN Top Business Awards. She has also delivered BBBEE-related papers at various Conferences, and been profiled in a several publications.

Xcelerate Verification Agency (formerly Izikhulu BEE Ratings)

Xcelerate Verification Agency (formerly Izikhulu BEE Ratings) is a SANAS accredited BEE Verification Agency satisfying thousands of clients since 2007. We are a Level 1 Empowering Supplier with 100% Black Women Ownership, providing our clients with maximum procurement contribution. The Directors are professionally educated in engineering, chartered accountancy, finance and business management, hence aimed to deliver at the highest level. We are also accredited on all industry Sector Codes.

Our promise to every client is:

  • SANAS accredited BBBEE Certificates with optimised scoring based on the evidence provided to us.
  • A simple, streamlined process aimed to fully support you throughout the process while completing your certificate in the shortest possible time.
  • Exceptional service at competitive rates, providing you with a reliable, quality result whilst always maintaining the confidential and ethical requirements regarding your company information.


We are SANAS accredited on the following Sector Codes (SANAS Certificate):

  • Road Freight
  • Maritime
  • Forwarding & Clearing
  • Agriculture
  • Financial Services
  • Tourism (Amended Codes)
  • Forestry (Amended Codes)
  • ICT (Amended Codes)
  • Property (Amended Codes)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communication (MAC) (Amended Codes)
  • All Construction companies are assessed on the Amended DTI Codes until the draft Amended Construction Sector Codes is gazetted as a final version.


View Sanas certificate


BEE services for the following category of clients:

  • Exempted Micro-Enterprise (EME) : A business is eligible for an exemption affidavit if it has an annual turnover of R10 million or less, or is currently in it’s first year of incorporation.
  • Qualifying Small Enterprise(QSE): An enterprise with annual turnover of between R10 million and R50 million qualifies for relaxed compliance on the five elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard.
  • Large Enterprise: Large enterprises with annual turnover of R50 million and above are required to fully comply with all five elements of the Generic B-BBEE Scorecard.

Additional services include supplier and management training, BBBEE desktop assessments and supplier certification.

Izikhulu to Xcelerate Name Change

Izikhulu BEE Ratings, operating as a verification agency since 2007, has recently undergone a formal name change to Xcelerate Verification Agency (Pty) Ltd.  Our accreditation body, SANAS, has since updated our name on their list of accredited facilities (www.sanas.co.za), hence Izikhulu BEE Ratings is no longer reflected there.  This has given rise to the possible issue of our valid certificates issued under the Izikhulu name not being easily authenticated by checking on the SANAS website.  To reduce any inconvenience that may be experienced by our clients, we have prepared the attached letter as formal notification of this change which can be attached to the certificate or sent to any third party.  Our BEE certificates are now being issued under the Xcelerate Verification Agency name.  Feel free to contact our office on info@xcelbee.co.za or 0861 505 555 for any queries.


Our Vision

Unsurpassed passion, ethics, expertise and attention to boost our customers transformation and growth aspirations

Our Mission

Providing a highly ethical, reputable, streamlined and exceptional experience to our valued customers through effective communication, systems and a competent, motivated team.

Our Values

Xcelerate Verification Agency fully understands the impact of accurate verifications on our client’s competitive advantage and the difference it can make between winning and losing potential business. We are therefore fully committed to the following principles (as supported by SANAS):

~ Responsibility

~ Transparency

~ Professionalism

~ Confidentiality

~ Impartiality is the actual and perceived presence of objectivity. Objectivity means that conflict of interest do not exist or are resolved so as to not adversely affect the subsequent events of a BEE verification agency‚ SANAS R47-02. Xcelerate Verification Agency is committed to providing an impartial verification service to provide confidence to our clients by ensuring all processes address impartiality threats, and identifying and mitigating risks to objectivity.


Our pro-active mindset has assisted our clients in achieving excellent results due to innovative service offerings. We are acknowledged as prominent experts on the New BBBEE Codes by Corporates and clients. Leadership recognition includes finalist status in KZN Top Business and BWA awards, KZN Treasury panel of preferred agencies, Conference speaking, and various Editorial profiling.

Our process is simple and streamlined, and places client delivery as the highest priority.  We have an established network of highly regarded service providers to provide expertise in the specialized legal, financial, skills development, supply chain, enterprise development, and socio-economic areas. We believe that our past and continued growth and success have materialised from our commitment to superior ethics and standards at all times, and the creation of value for our clients – a synergy of service delivery, turnaround time and competence at competitive pricing.

Xcelerate is Level 1 BBBEE certified, with black- and black women-ownership status (BEE Certificate).  In practicing what we preach, we also meet the requirements for all elements of the BEE scorecard.  We upskill and mentor 3 black women-owned beneficiary companies as part of our Enterprise & Supplier Development, and contribute throughout the year to worthy charitable organisations such as Lifeline, Domino Foundation, Round Table, Diabetes SA, SPCA and so forth.