Qualifying Small Enterprises

Medium Enterprises (QSE)


The Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) scorecard applies to all organisations that have the following ranges:


QSEs are now being assessed on all 5 elements of the Revised BBBEE Codes as shown in the table below, which is a marked difference from the Old Codes that allowed relatively good BEE levels to be scored due to organisations being able to choose the 4 (of 7) elements that they ranked best on.  (Click here) for a detailed scorecard with a breakdown of each element.

Affidavits & Authentication Letter

The Revised Codes allows for enhanced recognition for Black-owned (African, Coloured, Indian or Chinese people who meet the definition) QSEs, allowing them to receive high BEE levels without undergoing verification.  By completing the applicable sworn affidavits (General QSE) and (Specialised QSE), the following levels are achieved:

  • 100% black-owned – Level 1
  • 51 to 100% black-owned – Level 2
  • <51% black-owned to be assessed on above scorecard

Specialised enterprises that cannot have the Ownership element assessed eg Higher Education, Non-Profit Companies, State-owned Entities, etc are assessed on the Adjusted QSE scorecard and receive enhanced recognition due to the % beneficiaries that benefit:

  • >75% black beneficiaries – Level 1
  • 51 to 75% black beneficiaries – Level 2
  • <51% black beneficiaries must be assessed on the Adjusted QSE Scorecard (link)

As your clients / tenders are wary of or not educated on the above New Codes requirements, we offer a QSE Authentication Letter service for R1 250.00 + VAT where we conduct the necessary checks on your organisations ownership, black status and annual turnover/net value and provide a signed letter, together with the relevant Gazette clauses, which you can attach to your affidavit to add much needed credibility.

(Click here) to download the Application Form and submit to us with the relevant documents.  The letter will be ready within 2 working days of receiving all requirements, and is valid for 1 year from issue.  Contact us on 0861 505 555 or eme@xcelbee.co.za for more information.