BEE Value Added Services

BEE Value Added Services

To assist our clients, we also provide the following additional BEE value-added services:

File Preparation

We will spend time at your premises assisting you with producing the evidence file required for the verification. Our specialist knowledge of the file requirements will significantly reduce your time spent to gather the evidence, and will speed up the process and your scoring.

Real Time Assessment

A pro-active approach to achieving your targeted BEE compliance level by having up to 3 desktop assessments done during the financial year of assessment.  This additional service empowers you with the knowledge of current scoring, and hence being able to improve it before the end of the financial year.

BBBEE Assessment
A desktop assessment enabling a snapshot or scenario testing scorecard analysis without the cost of verification.

BBBEE Supplier Training
Improving your supplier’s understanding and awareness of BBBEE enables better compliance by your suppliers, and an improved procurement score for you.  This training is delivered in a seminar or workshop format depending on the detail required.

BBBEE Management Training
Training and development of internal management allows for on-going integrated execution of BBBEE compliance hence reducing the preparation required for verification, as well as enhanced scorecard performance.

Supplier BBBEE Certification
Funding the BBBEE certification of selected high impact suppliers will allow you to achieve the following benefits on your scorecard:

  • Increased procurement points due to these suppliers now having valid optimised certificates.
  • 135% of the funded amount due to your use of Xcelerate BEE Ratings as your service provider (on 4 of the 5 procurement indicators – All Suppliers, EMEs, >51% Black-owned, >30% Black women-owned).