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Become BEE Compliant with Our Simple BEE Verification Process

Running an empowering company is made easier with the help of Xcelerate Verification Agency – we offer SANAS accredited BEE Verification Services to a diverse client base across South Africa. Our BEE Verification Process is simple and priced competitively to afford empowerment and verification to businesses at all levels.


If you require the services of a professional SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Agency in Durban, then Xcelerate Verification Agency is the solution for you!

Use a SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Agency

Xcelerate Verification Agency is a SANAS accredited BEE Verification Agency operating in Durban, satisfying clients across South Africa with our professional, simplified BEE Verification Process. Our dedication to empowering marginalised groups in business is taken to heart, as Xcelerate is Level 1 BBBEE certified, with black- and black women-ownership status.


Established in 2007, Xcelerate has consistently provided simplified, streamlined SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Services to a wide range of clients, large and small, across South Africa. We are BEE Verification Agents that provide a first-class service at competitive rates to those companies that wish to verify their BEE compliancy.

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