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3 Major Sector Codes Amended

Imminent Gazetting of 3 major Sector Codes: Amended Construction, Financial Services & Agriculture

A newsletter released by the Construction Sector Council on 2 November 2017 indicated the following:

  • The Cabinet meeting held on 1 November approved the final draft Construction Sector Code.  The remaining action is for the Minister of Trade & Industry to sign off and Government Printing Works to publish.
  • Cabinet apparently also supported the finalisation of the draft Agriculture and Financial Services Codes, which will follow the same process.
  • Construction Sector companies will be compelled to be rated on the updated Construction Sector Code on gazette.  Those who have already been verified on the Amended Generic Codes can then choose either of the following actions:
    • Continue with the certificate until it expires – it will be recognised for its full validity period.
    • Choose to re-verify and hence update the existing certificate, but under the Amended Construction Codes requirements.  The expiry date of the updated certificate will remain the same as the original certificate.