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Employment Equity Report Requirements & Deadlines

  1. As a designated employer, you are required as per S21 of the Employment Equity Act, to submit annual employment equity reports to the Department Of Labor.
  2. A designated employer is one who:
  • Employs more than 50 individuals
  • Or employs less than 50 individuals but has an annual turnover that is equal to or more than the sector specific turnover (Please see table below)
  1. These employment reports are required to be submitted by the 1 of October 2017, however, if an employer is submitting these reports electronically, they may do so latest on the 15 of January 2018.
  2. Noncompliance of the above will result in fines from the department.
  3. Importantly, it is a requirement for management control points on your BEE certificate.

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