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Xcelerate Verification Agency is proud to announce the achievement of a significant milestone, being their 10 year anniversary in business, after having started off as Izikhulu BEE Ratings. We were part of the first batch of agencies accredited by SANAS in 2009 and have operated successfully as a BBBEE verification agency since then, enjoying growth and recognition on the journey. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our valued staff, clients and associates who have supported us and played a significant role in bringing us to this point.

In June 2016, Izikhulu BEE Ratings and ex-IRBA approved auditor, CPG Consulting merged their operations to give rise to the rebranded “Xcelerate Verification Agency – Driving business growth through excellence!”  Our Company Vision is “Unsurpassed passion, ethics, expertise and attention to boost our customers’ transformation and growth aspirations”. Clients can rest assured that we advocate the core principles of transparency, responsibility, professionalism, confidentiality and impartiality.
We are a Level 1 BBBEE company, accredited on all gazetted Sector Codes and have serviced companies from multinationals, state-owned entities, corporates, privately owned large and medium-sized business as well as SMMEs. Visit our website for more information.
Our Directors are professionally educated in engineering, chartered accountancy, finance and business management, hence aimed to deliver at the highest level. Vash Singh, Managing Director of Xcelerate holds a BSc. Engineering (Chemical) from the University of Natal, a MSc. Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick (UK) and a MDP on BBBEE from UNISA.

Selvan Pillay, Director of Xcelerate and CPG Chartered Accountants holds a B.Com, Hons B Compt, Chartered Accountant (SA) and is a registered auditor. He has also completed the BBBEE MDP course, and been an IRBA-approved auditor for four years.

Achieving your targeted level on the New BBBEE Codes
The Revised BBBEE Codes was gazetted in 2013 and has been effective for almost a year. Most companies have now been assessed on these Codes and unfortunately many are not scoring well (Non-compliant to Level 7), due mainly to ineffective preparation for the challenging differences from the prior set of Codes. Xcelerate Verification Agency has been successfully assisting clients to pro-actively target their levels on the New BBBEE Codes through various offerings, viz:

1.            Training, workshops and capacity-building
2.            Setting targets, scenario planning and tracking of outcomes
3.            Use of an effective software tool for self-management and scoring
4.            Reviewing progress at critical times during the financial year so implementation is monitored
5.            Advisory and support services

Kindly note that we cannot consult to and verify the same company for impartiality reasons.
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