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Vash Singh, MD of Xcelerate in exclusive interviews with East Coast Radio

Listen to our Managing Director, Vash Singh share her knowledge about latest developments on the New BBBEE Codes and the BBBEE Industry in an exclusive 5 day daily interview with Damon Beard on East Coast Radio.

Vash Singh is a Leader and Expert on the BBBEE Codes who has 10 years of industry experience.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive interviews and topics Monday 26 June 2017 to Friday 30 June 2017 at 10h45.

Visit our website to download and listen to the exclusive podcasts  &


Monday 26 June:                               Importance of BBBEE
Tuesday 27 June:                                  New BBBEE Codes
Wednesday 28 June:                     SANAS vs IRBA Verifications
Thursday 29 June:                               BBBEE Sector Codes
Friday 30 June:             Partner with Xcelerate as your BBBEE Service Provider