Xcelerate Verification Agency – Empowering You!

Xcelerate Verification Agency (Formerly Izikhulu BEE Ratings) is the SANAS accredited BBBEE verification agency of choice by thousands of South African companies in Durban & Johannesburg. We conduct work across the country and our promise to every client is:

  • SANAS Accredited BBBEE Certificate with optimum scoring based on the evidence provided to us.
  • simple, streamlined process aimed to fully support you throughout the verification process whilst completing your certificate in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Exceptional delivery at competitive rates, providing you with a reliable and quality result whilst always maintaining the confidential and ethical requirements regarding your business information

SANAS Accredited Certificates

Optimal certification accepted nationally for company growth by winning tenders & preferential procurement.

BBBEE Software Tool

Accurate, tested tool to assist you in monitoring your own score, with our support.


BBBEE Training Workshops

Improved understanding and implementation of New Codes – for your management/staff or your suppliers.


We Are BBBEE Level 1

We are a Level 1 Empowering Supplier with 100% Black ownership and 30,16% Black women ownership with 135% procurement recognition.

We Offer Exceptional Service

Exceptional service at competitive rates, providing you with a reliable, quality result.