The following process applies to all enterprises with annual turnover > R5 million.  For those below this threshold or start-up businesses, a quicker process applies.

Step 1: Request
Request a quote for verification by contacting Xcelerate Verification Agency via telephone, fax, e-mail or website.  Alternatively, complete the Verification Request Form and either fax to (031) 566-4643 or email to .

Step 2: Acceptance
You will be sent a quote and Verification Agreement for your perusal.  Acceptance of the quote is confirmed by signing the agreement and making the upfront 50% payment.

Step 3: Preparation
You will then be forwarded a checklist for collating the information requirements needed for us to evaluate and score the BBBEE status of your company. A consultant will guide you on the requirements.   If contained in the fee, a pre-audit meeting will be arranged to discuss outstanding information and collect as much as possible.

Step 4: Verification Audit
Once all the information is available and on payment of the remaining fee, Xcelerate Verification Agency conducts an on-site audit at the company site premises when Owners/Directors/Members and staff are interviewed and records examined to validate the information received.  The provisional scorecard result is discussed by the consultant at the close of the audit.

Step 5: Final Certification/Report
The final Verification Certificate and Report is sent to our client electronically and by mail.


Appeals and Complaints
Xcelerate Verification Agency embodies the principle of professionalism and as such will handle any appeals or complaints against the process and outcomes of the verification service provided with the priority it deserves. Should you require to lodge an appeal or complaint, please complete the Reporting of Appeals or Complaints Form IC-F01 and submit to us via fax, e-mail or post.